A website for all specialists working with control and measuring devices and automation of technological processes (instrumentation and control systems).

The purpose of publishing materials on the pages of this site is to unite all interested parties from product manufacturers to employees of technological personnel, for whom reliable readings given by these devices are very important. This long chain involves manufacturers, managers, designers, installers, maintenance specialists and, of course, those who are responsible for maintaining the technological process at the enterprise.

This site contains information of an educational nature only. All information posted on the site is for general understanding only, and in no case replaces official regulatory documents, documentation of manufacturers of products in the field of instrumentation and control.

The site will publish information for both novice instrumentation specialists and various information for experienced specialists-adjusters. The world of «kipovets» is very huge and diverse. New technologies are constantly appearing, new devices are being produced, software is changing, regulatory and technical documentation is changing. It is very difficult to keep up with the pace of development in the field of instrumentation and control.

This site invites everyone who has mastered new devices, new programs to share their knowledge with their colleagues to unite. Teach beginners. Have the opportunity to consult with more experienced specialists. Of course, you can find a lot on the Internet. And how to choose equipment, configure the device, etc. But often problems arise not in the devices, not in the settings, but in violation of the technological regime. And in this case, no configuration instructions will help. Only those who have already solved such issues can help. I would really like to consult with anyone in such cases, but there is no one to turn to. Over time, I hope everyone will be able to get an answer to their question on this site. More experienced specialists will share their knowledge, suggest a solution to the issue based on their life experience.

This site is not just a collection of some once published information. The site will be constantly edited and supplemented, taking into account your wishes. For this purpose, the «Wishes» page has been created. On this page, you can write your recommendations for adding a topic that interests you. The site will be edited and changed, taking into account the opinions of site visitors.

All information on the pages of the site is provided on the basis of personal experience, and not some well-known information. Many, of course, will find it funny that at this stage, everyone already knows most of the information, and everyone already understands it. But the main purpose of creating a website is training. The training is gradual, from simple concepts, to the level of a highly qualified specialist. Often, even an experienced specialist who has worked for many years in one place, having changed his place of work, or simply changed his position, is faced with the fact that he needs at least to consult with someone, to consult. Many people gain knowledge by trial and error. But mistakes in the field of instrumentation and control can turn into big troubles. Therefore, it is better to have the opportunity to replenish your knowledge, listen to the advice of more experienced specialists, and become a respected employee in your company.

All rights to the materials published on the site www.superkip.ru, compiled by me personally, belong to me and are protected in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. Use of materials published on the www website. superkip.ru it is allowed only with my written permission, as the copyright holder..

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