1.How to work with the PACTware program.

  • 1.1 How to install the PACTware program in your language.
  • The PACTware program is used to configure many devices. This program is free of charge. Currently on the official website of the program developer, there are no program download files. There are only links on which sites you can download the application.

    Depending on the device that needs to be configured, click on the link and download the program. For example, we choose the manufacturer of instrumentation and control equipment «Krohne». Click on the link go to the site page and find the program.

    To configure the VEGA devices, follow the link

    Several versions of the program. Pw 2.4, Pw 3.0, Pw 3.5, Pw 3.6, Pw 4.1, Pw 5.0. you can download it here

    The compatibility of the versions with the systems installed on the computer can be viewed on the website the program developer. The text of the document in the form of a PDF can not be translated, but I think that everything is clear there. For further work with the program, you need to download the DTM catalog to the configurable device. For example: for “VEGA”devices

    For Emerson devices, you can download DTM catalogs on the manufacturer’s page. On the same site, you can select DTM catalogs from other manufacturers.

    To install PACTware, the Microsoft program must be installed on the computer .NET Framework

    Launches the installation of the PACTware program. At startup, the program asks for a password (manager). After entering the password, the program opens. All menus are in English. Switch to Russian. In the «Extras» tab of the «Options» menu, select Russian. You can select a different language from the available ones in the language selection menu.

    In order not to constantly enter the password when starting the program. Go to the password menu and save it with an empty password value.

    To install the device catalog, run the program with DTM files. It is advisable to disable the antivirus. Choose the language Russian. The installation of the folder continues.

    After installing the catalog, go to the «View – Device Catalog» menu and update the device catalog in the window that appears.

    The «All devices» column will display all the devices that were in the installed DTM directory. To add other devices, you need to download the DTM files from the manufacturer’s website. Install them and «Update the device catalog». In the device catalog, you will be able to select new devices for connection and configuration.

    1.2 Installing the HART Modem drivers

    For further work with the program, you will need to connect to the device via the HART protocol. HART modems from different manufacturers are available for connection. I work mainly with the Metran-682 HART-USB modem. The modem driver is installed according to the instructions. There are usually no problems with installing the driver. If you have another modem, install its driver. You can check which port the driver is installed on in the Device Manager.

    1.3 Connection to the device via the HART protocol

    The connection diagrams of the HART modem to the device are given in all operating manuals. But not many people pay attention to the fact that there is a resistance Rn in the circuit. The resistance value must be at least 250 ohms. The disadvantage of the presented schemes is that in reality it is difficult to assemble it. The device is usually configured with a laptop. It is advisable to configure the device at the installation site with a HART communicator. And it is best to connect a laptop to the device in a crossover cabinet. In the gap between the terminal block and the sensor wire, we connect the resistance. In this case, it is necessary to understand that the signal from the device will not be available for the controller. Operational personnel should be notified that work is being carried out with this device. If the device is connected to the PAZ (emergency protection) system, it is necessary to remove the lock. We connect the wires of the HART modem from both sides to the resistance terminals. The scheme is assembled. Usually, 250 ohms is enough to remove the signal for a modem. But in very rare cases, it was necessary to change the resistance to a resistance of a larger value up to 500 ohms.

    Such a «scheme» is usually always together with the modem. Of course, to make the connections clear, I removed the isolation. But when connecting, it is necessary to isolate all connections, including to the modem probes. First, we connect the modem. We isolate each wire. We connect the field wire, isolate it. We insert the blue wire into the terminal instead of the field wire.

    First, we connect the modem. We isolate each wire. We connect the field wire, isolate it. Insert the red wire into the terminal instead of the field wire. We connect the modem using the supplied modem cable to the USB connector of the laptop.

    1.4 Configuring communication with the device via the HART protocol

    After the circuit is assembled, we insert the modem output into the USB port. We determine in the device manager which port the modem is connected to. Launch the PACTware program. In the «Device» tab, add the device. In the window that opens, select the device «HART-Protocol Treiber FDT» in old programs or «Hart-Communication» in new versions . Adding a device.

    The HART icon will appear in the» tree » of the Project. When you right-click on it, select «Parameters»in the window that appears. In the «Parameters» window, we change «HART-Modem» to » Hart-Multiplekser.

    By right-clicking on the «HART» icon, we establish a connection. Re-right-click on «HART» and add the device.

    Select the device to which you want to connect and » add » the device. Establishing a connection. For example, an OPTIFLUX 1300 electromagnetic flow meter with an IFC300 signal converter.

    In the selection tree, we «click» on the selected device twice. The «Options» menu opens. «Click» on the name of the device in the «Parameters» menu»

    Это изображение имеет пустой атрибут alt; его имя файла - image-14-1024x604.png

    Select the necessary parameter settings panel.

    Это изображение имеет пустой атрибут alt; его имя файла - image-15-1024x551.png

    Next, we make settings of the device according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Before making any settings of the device, it is necessary to read the data from the device and save the existing settings in a specially created folder. When making device settings, it may be difficult to reset the settings and return to the old settings. You will be able to restore the factory settings. But the device settings may already differ from the factory settings, because someone has already «reconfigured» it before you. The saved settings can be loaded back into the device, restoring its functionality. After finishing the work with the device configuration, it is mandatory to break the connection with the device and the HART modem. When closing the program without disconnecting communication with the device and the modem, the «COM port» remains occupied. When reconnecting, in order to release the necessary port (usually COM 1), it is necessary to disable the «COM port» in the device manager, and then «Activate» it again. If you have any questions, please write…

    In the near future, there will be a description of the configuration of radar level meters, including with a phase section .